Monday, August 12, 2013

Best Intentions...

If you haven't noticed, I had posted that I would be posting more often...unfortunately, you know the rules about best intentions and Murphy's Law.  Yeah, they often work against you.  Case in point is me.  Shortly after my last post, I threw out my back.

Yep, you heard me right.  I want to say that I did it doing something really awesome.  I was was climbing was protecting my loved ones from 20 thugs, fighting left, right and in one act of cowardice, after I had beaten them to a pulp, I took a crowbar to the back as the thugs ran away.

Unfortunately, none of those things happened and I threw out my back chasing my kids in a game of tag...Can I say that I have never felt older than I did at that moment.  So with doctor's appointments, x-rays, bone scans and a host of other medical assessments, which I am positive are strictly used for torture, I was unable to write my blog posts.  In fact, I had a hard time picking up the sculpting tools and sitting for more than an hour at a time.  They were positive that I would need back surgery but after my last assessment, they have decided to wait and see. It may reoccur, but it may not so back surgery is put on hold for now.

So, after a few months of recovery, I now feel as back to normal as I can.  Still suffer from back pain occasionally but I can exercise again and I can sit for a full day at my desk. Even better, I can get back to writing this blog.

In addition, over the next few months, I will have some exciting things happening here.  I have a private commission that I will be showcasing, trust me, you will be as excited as I am about it.  I will also be going over a few more things with sculpting and will be announcing a few meet and greets.  I also want advice from everyone on what they want to see in the future - tutorials wise.

And that is what has been going on with me.  Before I do sign off, however, I want to leave you with a few photos of the sculpt that I had previewed. Here it is, the Lolth that I did for Gale Force Nine.


Anonymous said...

Damn fine piece of work there James! Hope you feel better soon!


James Van Schaik said...

Thanks Tre.