Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What Do You Want to Learn?

As I mentioned earlier, I want to find out what you want to learn.  I am actually in the middle of writing some tutorials and decided that while I know what I would like to cover, what I don't know is what you want to learn.

So I have come on here to ask you that very question.  Please answer so I can make sure that I am providing you with content that helps you as a sculptor, painter, modeler or simply as a hobbyist who wants to add a few things to an already existing figure.

It can be anything from diorama designs to basing to how to sculpt a face; whatever you want. To get started, I was thinking of things such as adding hair, adding a cloak, creating a shoulder pad.  creating rivets on a figure and so on.  But now that I have given you a few ideas, time to get the ball rolling and find out from you.

Please comment below and watch over the next few days as I may have a few treats for those who submit a suggestion.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see tutorials on sculpting faces,capes and some more intricate details like utility belts weopons. also how to paint metals I always have a hard time with metals or painting metal with non metallic paints

Coach said...

One of my biggest pet peeves with miniatures is poor faces, it would be great to see a series on doing various faces.

I also seem notice poor anatomy in some ranges, so tips on keeping limbs in proportion etc would be nice too.

doom_of_the_people said...

I always struggle with keeping a models proportions in line, keeping reference materials in front of me does help but any advice is appreciated. Other than that anything is good by me.

Anonymous said...

I would like to get your insight on how to create capes for figures. I have a lot of trouble with them and I'm hoping there are some techniques I can learn from you.

James Van Schaik said...

Thanks everyone. The lists gave me a lot of ideas. With painting, I don't paint that often so I don't have too many techniques that I could teach you.