Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wolverine Disappointment

Spoiler Alert for anyone who hasn't seen it.

So I have been waiting for a long time to see the new Wolverine movie, being my favorite character and all, and last night I had the chance to see it. This movie is based off the X-men issues where Wolverine and the X-men go to Japan.  The comic series were written by the one of the greatest X-men writers of all time Chris Clairmont. These issues were actually my first real exposure to comics back when I was a lad, and what started my comic obsession so I have a real attachment to them and was anticipating the movie.

The uncanny X-men #173 was the very 1st comic I read and got me hooked. Featuring Wolverine and Rogue kicking butt in Japan, trying to track down the Silver Samurai while Storm and Yukio must protect Wolverines bride to be,  Mariko, from assassins.

Suffice it to say, I had great expectations for the movie, which was probably my  biggest problem. I thought the fist 3/4 of the movie was great. Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and embodies the character to a tee, Yukio was great as well, however a little too subdued, but it was close enough to the character. The Viper character was the biggest departure from the comics and I was disappointed by her character, but I could overlook that.  The plot, while differing from the comic, captures the themes and feelings present in the original comic.

The kicker for me is at the end. This is the point where I can see either the director or some corporate schmuck at Fox say "I know, cats are cute, they are the most downloaded files on youtube. Let's see what happens if we declaw Wolverine.  I think his claws are just too pointy for the general public." Now, if this was a Marvel Studios movie, it would have been at that point where Joss Whedon would have slapped him upside the head and told said executive to go back to his cubicle. But no, this is Fox and of course they dropped the ball again.

Yes, the end of the film features Wolverine having his claws sliced off by the Silver Samurai. Ok, I know I am starting to sound like a disgruntled fanboy here but come on. Someone at Fox needs to look up the word 'unbreakable' in a dictionary, which is what adamantium is! You can`t take Wolvies claws! Its what makes him who he is!

So if you go see it, exit the theater about 1:45 minutes in! Marvel studios need to buy out Fox, as Days of Future Past looks to be going down the same path, which is too bad. Guess I will just have to wait for Avengers 2, Thor and Captain America: Winter's Soldier to see a comic movie done right.

Anyway that's just my 2 cents, what  do you guys think?

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