Saturday, November 30, 2013

Drawing a Mascot

Before I became a sculptor, I loved to draw.  I drew constantly.  Actually, as far back as I can remember, I have always had a sketch pad and a pencil lying nearby and whenever I had the opportunity, I would spend my time drawing.  In elementary school, I went to extra art classes and I loved it.

Art was always my favorite subject in school and my dad's miniature company gave me plenty of inspiration when I began painting and finally sculpting miniatures. 

While drawing was my first passion when it came to art, I haven't had much opportunity to draw over the years.  Work, family, ect has cut back on time I can draw and, of course, I do like different R&R time now, such as World of Tanks.

But what am I getting at?  Simply that I took the time to draw Sgt. Grumpy from my logo.  I had planned on hiring an artist to draw him but the more I looked at him, the more I wanted to take the time to draw him myself.  So I set aside some of my free time, sorry WOT, and sketched out this concept art.  I will be sculpting him but for now, I wanted to share the piece.

Over the next few weeks, I will pull out some of my old sketches that I did years...and years ago.  My wife, who hates clutter and actually had a bonfire with collectable cards (a horror story to tell another day and no, it wasn't during or after a fight), refused to let me get rid of them and has them safely tucked away.  When I get a change to scan them in, I will share the pictures with you.

But for now, here's SGT. GRUMPY.

Note:  If I refer to him as Sgt. Stumpy from time to time and don't catch it in edits, just ignore it.  I always think of Sgt. Stumpy who was a war dog in WWI.

And here is an alternate Christmas Version.

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