Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ciaphas Cain Miniature

I just thought I would post up another of the figures that I did for my Games Workshop interview.  I really enjoyed making this figure and I enjoy the books that the character is in.  My friend, Tom Frank, suggested that I do this figure.  I actually had to sculpt this one in about two days before my flight to the UK.  The reason being is that although I had a large portfolio of hundreds of figures, they asked me to bring samples that were as close to the "GW style" as possible.

My portfolio had a very limited number of miniatures in that style.  The ones that I did were done when I was first starting out before I started sculpting superheroes, which greatly changed my style in the long run.  So to show them that I could do their style, which is chunky with elongated torsos, I decided to just sculpt something.  Since I had very short notice about going up to interview, I did the piece as well as I could given the time constraints, which is why it didn't have much detail to it.

Being able to match into existing styles is one of the skills that you need to do as a sculptor.  Companies always want you to match in to their existing and established ranges.  Sometimes it is hard because you have to do things the way you don't like to.  Regardless, if there is artwork provided, you always have to match to their artwork and poses.

So here it the figure:

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Anonymous said...

Really wanting a Ciaphas Cain miniature for some Guardsmen I've got. Your's looks brilliant, really well sculpted and good use of current pieces