Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Reaper Stuff

I have been doing some stuff for Reaper, here are some photo's of A ghast figure:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Evil Genius and the Corporate Bail Out

Here's a few funny videos that seem fitting realizing some of the news headlines recently.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Invisible Man

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post some photo's of the figure I did for Reaper. This figure is part of their Chronoscape line and was a little challenging because I had to figure out how to convey the fact that the character was actually invisible.

Here he is:

I decided to use the drapery in his coat to help add the illusion of his hand being invisible, so I sculpted the point where his hand was as if he were gripping the lapels of his jacket.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Work in Progress #3

Ok here is an update on the figure I am working on.

I finished the base of the smock the figure will be wearing. As you can see the rough underpinning has now been covered and I added the drapery of the smock. They key to sculpting drapery is to make sure the surface you are sculpting is completely smooth before you sculpt in the folds. This way you don't have to smooth out your surface after you add the folds and thus don't distort them.

The best tools to use for folds are clay shapers -see here- to learn more about clay shapers. Another good tool to use is a pin tool

Any Questions?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Work in Progress #2

You'll remember a few days ago I posted photos of a couple of armatures. In that post I talked about the importance of underpinning and the "ground-up" method. See Here if you missed it.

This was one of the armatures that had been Bulked up:

I am doing this piece for RAFM miniatures.

Below is the same miniature. I finished the shoes and pants and added yet more underpinning to his smock to give it more depth.

As you can see the underpinning on the smock is still rough and is simply meant to add definition and to give me a foundation to work on later. If you tried to sculpt something like this without underpinning it first you would probably find that the putty would warp and bend in ways you didn't want it too. You would also find that you couldn't get a smooth surface without losing the shape you were trying to achieve. It would also be hard to get a sharp edge because when you applied a tool to the smock there would be no support underneath and again the shape would distort.

At this point I have also began to bulk out the shoulders and cut the head off.

Note: This figure in going to have separate arms and heads much like a GW space marine sprue, that is why I have taken the head off (just look at the ball socket at the neck to see what I mean).

DO NOT do this on a regular figure, you need to keep all the limbs and head attached to judge proportion properly. Normally if I need to cut a figure up in parts for production I sculpt it completely and cut it up after.

Next time I will post the next step.

Any Questions?