Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Couple of Armatures

Here are a few figures I'm working on. This is the basic stage where I've just added underpinning to the metal armature. One is going to be a body matrix so it isn't posed.

Underpinning is essential to all sculpting, it gives you underlying musculature, a base to work on so you have support, and adds depth to any shape you are sculpting.

As you can see I have basically added the underlying musculature to bulk out the figure. I will add details on top of the underpinning later. I always sculpt from the "ground up" so you can see I've started the footwear on these two first.

Any Questions?


Reddog said...

Hi James. Are these armatures premade? If so where can i get them (I'm located in Toronto, Canada)...

Does the client supply you with artwork and pose or do you have some artistic licence?

I'm using Super Sculpey as my media. Is there a better option for a beginner or is it personal preference...


James Van Schaik said...

Hi Reddog,

I have my own supply of them but you can get similar ones from Reaper here :

(Hopefully that link works-let me know if it doesn't)

Usually the client supplies artwork or if it is an established character like batman or something there is already lots of pre-existing reference to work from. Sometimes I get to choose the pose but other times the client has a specific pose that they want.

I have never used super-sculpey before, have you tried green-stuff or brown stuff? I know people use super sculpey for larger figures. If you look in the archives there are several posts about the different putties and where to get them and how they work.

I tried FIMO awhile back and it was different. I didn't like that you had to bake it but you could really work on stuff for a long time because it doesn't dry, that was pretty cool.

As a aside note I will be running some one-day sculpting seminars in the near future at my new studio. (just thought you might be interested as I am within an hour and a half driving distance from you!)I will post the info here once I get the details ironed out.

Reddog said...

Thanks for the reply...Yeah Super Sculpey is similar (I think) to FIMO in that respect...

I am going to be picking up some of the green stuff/brown stuff in the future.

My biggest difficulty in the S Sculpey is the lack of strength i.e my home made armature has trouble supporting the sword and shield I have made for the character I'm working on ...

I would be interested in a class depending on schedule and cost...

And keep up the great work! I'm not into any new games at the moment but let us know what figures you are producing as I do like to support good local talent :D