Saturday, September 8, 2012

Interview to Check Out

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share an interview that Leon Mallet from Pulp Citizen.  Leon has been a fan for many years and I did a private commission for him a few years ago for his favorite superhero RPG character.

It was a great interview and a lot of information in it so go and check it out.  Here

During the interview, I was asked if there was pieces that I was particularly proud of.  It was hard during the interview to think of the answer but after the interview, there were a number of pieces that I thought of.  Here is a top ten list of figures that I loved making and loved the end result, complete with photos.  For other figures that I enjoyed, check out the interview.

Number Ten:  Green Goblin for WizKids

Number Nine:  Ronin for Wyrd

Number Eight: Doc Oc for WizKids

Number Seven:  WWII US Sergeant for Reaper

Number Six:  Mikey TMNT for WizKids but never released :(

Number Five:  Raph TMNT for WizKids. Again, he was never released :(.

Number Four:  Virgin Mary for a Fundraiser

Number Three:  Kreacher 3 inch Action Figure for Harry Potter

Number Two: Sergeant Rock Inspired WWII soldier for Reaper

And Number one...

Grifter for WizKids.  Just because...he's Grifter!  If you didn't catch that, he is one of my favourite superheroes tied with Wolverine.

These lists are pretty hard to do and they change frequently.  Now that you know some of my favourites, post in the comments section and tell me what your all time favourite figure is.  It doesn't have to be one of mine by the way, just the figure that you have liked the most, whether you painted it, sculpted it or played with it.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Occupied Movement Has a New Face...

...And it is rotten.

First, I should start this post with an audible gasp since anyone who has stuck with this blog from the beginning knows that I don't post that frequently!

Second, this is a plug but it is a worthwhile plug and it is not for any product or company that I am doing or working for.  Someone who has done a few interviews with me, and someone who is known in the heroclix industry as The LE, and a longtime fan has a kickstarter campaign going on right now and needs a few more pledges to see this awesome product out there.

And what is that awesome product...Zombie T-Shirts!

Here is The LE's write-up just to let you know what it is about, but use the link below (after the kickstarter ad) to go to his kickstarter page to find out more about this great product and the massive deals he is offering if you get on board!

"Show off your love of zombies with a Zombie T-Shirt!
  • Launched: Aug 22, 2012
  • Funding ends: Sep 21, 2012
Zombies. Are they really evil? No, they're just misunderstood. If you think about it, they're just looking for something to eat. So what better way to celebrate this misunderstood creature than with a T-Shirt?

Our goal for this Kickstarter is simple: Produce a Zombie T-Shirt! Let's get straight to the point. Below is an image of the T-Shirts we want to make. By backing this Kickstarter at the $20 or $25 level, you get a free 100% Cotton T-shirt! Best of all, we'll provide free shipping anywhere in the USA!
Note: T-shirt images shown are prototypes. Final design and color will vary, but we'll make sure it looks good on any rotting corpse!

100% Cotton

All Zombie Shirts are made of 100% Cotton: the fabric of our undead lives."

Please note for full disclosure, this is not an entirely altruistic endorsement, I get a free T-Shirt if it gets funded! :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Glorian Underhill WIP-1

Hi Everyone,

Finally got started on this after the busy summer season.   I made a video of the first part for you guys.  It is setting up the armature, getting the proportions correct and preparing it for posing.   Hope you like it.

If you have any questions, post in the comments.  I have also created my own youtube channel for tutorials and what not so you can also post questions or view the video there.  Just click on video to get to the channel,

In addition, check back soon for an exciting event that I am planning. I will fill you in on it in a little while after I have everything lined up for it.

And without further delay, the video.

Oh, and as a side, proof that the heavy breathing, grunting and snoring in the video was not from me, here is a picture of my office companions. The bulldog is Rascal, and I have a fun video of her I will share in the future, and the 11 month old English Mastiff is Daisy.