Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sculpting Putty Part Three- Procreate

In this last post on putty I am going to cover one of the newer putties on the market- Procreate. Procreate is made by a company called Kraftmark, here is a link to their site From there you can find many suppliers. The average cost for a package is about 10.00.

The makers of procreate boast that their putty has the consistency of green stuff and will harden like Brown stuff, making it superior to both for sculpting. I have to admit that at first I had my doubts about these claims, after all how could such a miracle substance exist? After using it I can tell you that it does come close to the companies claims as possible. Since trying it I have switched to it for most of the sculpting I do. My only complaint with Procreate would be that while you can shave it slightly, it still does not compare to brown stuff when it comes to hardening. It is for this reason that I still use Brown Stuff for all my hardline sculpting which is still the best for that job.

It mixes and dries pretty much the same as the other putties. Add more hardener and it is thicker and dries faster, more softener and it takes longer to dry. I am not certain about the ability for procreate to be vulcanized as the company I work for at the moment uses RTV technology. A few years ago I did do a piece with procreate for a company and when they vulcanized it it warped and broke down from the heat however many companies seems to be using it.

My next post will cover storing, drying, and sanding all the different putties.


Anonymous said...

Thanks James! Can't wait for next week's tips.

Tim Mayer said...

Thanks for the kind mention.
We haven't had any real problems yet with vulcanization if the ProCreate is used as instructed.
Keep up the good work.

Bob said...

Hi James,
Thank you for the nice comments about ProCreate Putty.

We are upgrading our website and would love to add some photos of your sculpts done in ProCreat.

Please email to me at

Thanks again,
Bob Finkenaur
P.S. Hope to see you at Gen Con