Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sculpting Lessons Finalized

The Course Details are finalized so here is the updated information for anyone interested.

Have you ever wanted to sculpt or convert your own figures but didn’t have the knowledge?

Do you look at the pages of gaming magazines and wonder “how can I create a miniature like that?”

Have you been continuously beat out by other people in painting competitions who have entered miniatures with poor paintjobs but excellent hand sculpted conversions?

Now you can learn from professional sculptor James Van Schaik in a professional level class that includes a sculpting kit, full textbook for reference and over 25 years of gaming experience, 9 as freelance and staff sculptor.

He has worked for renowned miniatures companies such as Games Workshop, Wizkids, Ral Partha, RAFM Miniatures, and Reaper.

This is an eight week course and students will learn the fundamentals necessary to carry on to more advanced sculpting classes. Learn to sculpt: Hair, Straps, Fur, Basic Jewellery, Pouches, Skulls, Chainmail, Chains, Wood, Stone, Cloth and all the fundamentals of sculpting.

Spaces are limited so please reserve your spot at the Comic Book Collector today for only $200.00, plus $35 for the sculpting kit.
This is an excellent deal since it is a rare opportunity and other art courses, in comparison, can range in cost from $200 to $500 dollars.

Course will be held at:
The Comic Book Collector
779 Dundas St.
London, On
N5W 2Z6

For more information call: The Comic Book Collector at 519-433-6004, or Course Starts May 30th, and run Fridays at 7:30 PM, Pre-registration deadline is May 14th.

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