Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Professional Sculpting Lessons

The first course for my sculpting lessons will be starting soon in London Ontario at the Comic Book Collector.
Course 1 – Sculpting Fundamentals and Miniature Converting, is a 8 Week course and includes a sculpting kit that contains all the tools you need to start sculpting. This course introduces the student to the tools of sculpting. In addition, students will learn how to use the media (putty) and also learn how to implement many different effects and surface details. This course is designed for the miniature enthusiast who wishes to learn more advanced techniques to create highly intricate conversions or modeling projects. Students will learn the fundamentals necessary to carry on to more advanced sculpting classes that involves creating entire miniatures rather than conversions off existing miniatures. Some of the areas covered include:

Basic Jewelry
Skulls and Skull Reliefs (shoulder pads detail etc.)
and more....

Space is very limited so if you are interested email me at: to obtain more information about the course and pre-registering. As the deadline approaches and dates are set I will post more information.


Uberman said...

You're doing this at the Collector? That's awesome, that's the store I go to whenever I get to London. When is this class being held? I'm a big enough fanboy loser that I'd try to make a trip in to get you to, I dunno, sign a horrorclix sculpt you did or some junk.

James Van Schaik said...

I still haven't finalized the dates yet, however I will be there on Free Comic Book Day to do a sculpting demo and sign things.