Friday, September 13, 2013

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk Sculpture WIP #3

Well, it is the end of the week and I thought I should post up the third installment of the Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk Sculpt.  At this point, I am still adding more bulk to this beast.  He was quite large by the time I started adding the final layer of putty, which I will post up next week, finally!

So, not a lot to go over today. I do a lot of my build up with green stuff and then work on the finer details in grey putty.  I don't find much difference between the different coloured putties, although there are some slight differences. I do find that grey stuff photographs much better than green stuff (and yes, those are the scientific names for the sculpting putty, lol).

In the second photo, I have included a Super-Adaptoid that I sculpted for HeroClix to give you some idea of how large this sculpt is getting.  You can also see the musculature that hulk will have but he isn't done thickening up. I will be adding a bit of bulk when I sculpt on the final layers.

When I was adding the layers, I did make changes to the pose and anatomy as needed.  It is easier to do it at this stage as opposed to waiting until I have added the final layers, although I may do some tweaking throughout the entire work.

And as an added bonus, see if you can spot the Vampirella, not my sculpt just one of the many figurines that I have in my office.

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