Monday, September 9, 2013

Paintings By Fans

One question that I am often asked is if I like to see my figures painted up...the answer is a big YES!  I love to see what people have done with figures that I have sculpted and I will often go and check forums of companies I work for to see what the fans have come up with.  I have to say that while I enjoy painting, there are some artists out there who truly make my work breath.

Today, I wanted to take a moment and look at one of my favorite fan based pieces by Adam Huenecke.  He did an amazing job on my Kirai models for Wyrd Miniatures and created a diorama that is simply breathtaking.  Be sure to like his facebook page.

So here are some excellent shots of the pieces.

If you have any of my miniatures that you would love to share the photos of, please feel free to message me with your photos and also with how you want to be credited for them.  I would be happy to share them on my blog.


popg0estheworld said...

Thanks, James! This kind of recognition is the best kind of compliment!

James Van Schaik said...

You're welcome. You deserve the compliment. If you have any links that you want to share (such as blogs, etc), post them in the comments or message me with them and I will add them to the post.