Friday, June 8, 2012

Glorian Underhill-The Pose

Hi Everyone,

The next part of a miniature commission is setting up the pose. This is very important information that you need to get from the client before starting.

 So one of the first things I asked Florian was "What pose do you want?"  and here is his answer:

The pose of the mini: Actually I thought it to be like Picture Nr.1. A hunched pose, the upper body up front as running forward. So the mini looks like it is actually a screenshot taking while the person is running, or in the beginning to run. 
Left arm ist held strong and angeld as on the picture to block someone who is in the way and the right arm held back to hit someone with the fist in front.
The vicoious sneer is all part of that motion, like the mini is actually not very impressed by his opponent or he is asure that he will crush him a moment later, or he is just having good blood bowl violence fun.

I have put here a link of "Travellers" Blood Bowl site with all Blood Bowl minis ever produced.
You can click on the pictures to make them bigger. The four blitzers are something I have in mind. Blitzer Nr. 10 especially but with a different arm position like I described earlier.

 Here are the photos Florian is refering to:

Again Florian has provided excellent photo reference for me so it makes my job a lot easier as the pose is self explanatory and there are no real concerns with production on the pose either.

In the next post I will go over scale, which is the other important factor to consider before starting.

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