Friday, June 1, 2012

Glorian Underhill-Phase 1:The Commission-Reference

Hi Everyone,

So the very first part of sculpting a figure is the commission phase. This usually includes any negotiations on prices and terms and all the financial arrangements between the clients. Since Florian won the contest this part of the process was skipped. Besides, terms and payment are thier own beast altogether and could warrent thier own article series :).

The commission phase involves getting all the particulars of the proposed sculpt from the client. This is all the information I would need to actually begin sculpting and need to get beforehand. Things like art reference, photo reference, scale, pose, and production concerns all need to be determined before the miniature is started. Florian and I have already been talking via email so I will include excerpts from our discussions where applicable to give you a inside look at the process.

So to break down each of those categories I will start with reference. Florian wanted a miniature named Glorian Underhill, which is his Blood Bowl and internet identity and he had a ton of photos for me to work from. Here are the photos Florian sent:

So as you can see I have pretty good reference from Florian, almost all sides are covered and I am only missing the back view. So naturally my first request from him was if he could get me a photo of the back of the armour. I only really need the torso part, as the back of the arms and legs are pretty self-explanatory and I can extrapolate what they would look like without further reference.

Once I have this all together I would print the reference out so I have if available and readily at hand to use in the sculpting process. At this point I will also closely go over the reference and take a look at all the details, just to familiarize myself with them and also to spot any problem areas.

So in the next post I will cover the pose and look at how that is determined.

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