Friday, May 8, 2009

Update on Pulp City Stuff

Hi everyone

Here is some stuff I did for Pulp monsters. I had been meaning to get around to posting these awhile ago.

The first one is called Trail for a nice painted shot and his background go here, I had fun with the cape on this guy because it kinda reminded me of Spawn, it was challenging because I had to make it one piece so it would mold.

This guy is called Dead Eye and you can find out more about him here. Being a football fan I really enjoyed this one. I tried to get them to let me put a Steelers logo on him but they wouldn't let me :(. He really reminded me of bloodbowl.

This guy here is called Rook, check out the awesome paint job and background here
I used a mix of Brown Stuff and procreate on these. I like using the brown on armoured pieces so I can scrape it after it dries with a scalpel to get really sharp, clean edges. Maciej at Pulp Monsters uses RTV molds for casting his masters so I can use procreate without worrying about them blowing up during vulcanizing.

Check Back later today or Monday for an update on the Chainmail tutorial. I am doing a figure with chainmail so I will photograph the process and add them to the blog.


Anonymous said...

Very nice work indeed!
You mention that procreate "blows up" during vulcanizing. I have heard rumors about this on other forums, but never from the horse's mouth, so to speak. I use procreate myself and have begun to get a bit worried. Have you any experience with this?



James Van Schaik said...

Hi Peter

I have had a figure do this with procreate and it has been happening to others as well. Reaper and several other companies will not accept figures done in procreate because they have had the same problem. As a result I have bit the bullet and just switched to green.

It's too bad because I really like using it and I think it is a great product despite the vulcanizing problems.

Anonymous said...

Thanks - or - bugger! I have come to love the properties of procreate and would hate to go back to greenstuff.


Anonymous said...

Any update on the chainmail tutorial?