Thursday, February 26, 2009

Favourite Tool

People always ask me what types of tools I use or if I have a specific type. Surprisingly, I only have about 4 tools I use on a regular basis, here is a photo of my favourite one:

This is a basic wax carver that you can get through most dental supply stores. Games Workshop also sells a similar tool. Here is a link to a site where you can find them :

The tool is the inlay carver. I use this for about 80% of all my sculpting and have thickened the handle using hockey tape so my hand doesn't cramp up. This tool is great for shaping and smoothing. I have also ground the edges with my dremel and polished the edge to keep the putty from sticking to it. You also have to make sure the tools you use don't have sharp edges because an edge will "catch" or "gouge" the putty when you use it.

Any Questions?


Tidyfiguremaker said...

Hi James,
Just found your blog recently and it's been an interesting read. I have a blog too with some of my sculpts on view there. I'll keep popping back to see what you are working on.

James Van Schaik said...

Hi Ian

Thanks. Checked out your site, lots of neat stuff there. I like the WWII pin-up girl, nice face.

Reddog said...

Hehe "hockey tape" eh?

Yeah I need to grind the edge as I have experienced the sharp edge gouging the putty...

James which tool do you use to smooth the sides or remove someputty when it is a little too thick?


Dragonforge said...

Hey James..Been a while..I came across your blog through The Miniatures Page I think and thought Id check it out. I saw the pic of your sculpting tool and thought why has he shoved his tool through a piece of Poo LOL then I realized its leather wrapped..

Anyhoo glad to hear your keeping busy and using the WWW to promote yourself.

Say Hi sometime..


James Van Schaik said...

Reddog:I'll post the tool I use for edges tomorrow.

Willy!! Nice to hear from you. That's not leather dude, it's Hockey Tape Lol.

Dragonforge said...

LOL I should of know better.. Hope your keeping busy up there, I see your doing stuff for your Dads company now and then.