Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sculpting Tip of The Week

Each Wednesday (schedule permitting) I will post a sculpting tip. To start off the tips section I thought I'd begin with a valuable tool I use called a glue tip. These tools are used for applying resin or glue and are common in the jewelry industry. If you have ever seen a company logo pin with coloured resin, medals for kids sports with coloured centers it is very likely that the coloured parts is really expoxy that has been applied with a syringe. Here is what they look like (minus the putty handles I added):

These are readily available at most hobby supply stores. You can find a set here at Lee Valley tools,110,42967&ap=1 . This is a good set but the only drawback is that you only get a few different sizes of tips. I got my set from Rio Grande tools. You can also use mechanical pencil tips but you are limited to one size if you do.

This tool is useful for doing things like rivets, buttons, lace eyelets, and many other effects. They are very simple to use, you pretty much just have to press them into putty to create the above effects.

Here is an example of making a rivet with a glue tip on a squat that I am working on for a Space Hulk campaign I am playing in.

Step:1 The first thing you do is apply a small amount of putty to the place where you want the rivet to go, in this case it is on his shoulder pad. Press down on the putty to make sure it sticks to the model firmly.

Step:2 Gently press down with the tip into the center of the putty. Make sure you use plenty of lubrication (Vaseline works) or the tool will stick to the putty and pull it away from the figure and stick inside. Make sure you press all the way into the putty.

Here's what you should end up with. You can see the outline of the rivet and the excess putty around it.

Step 3: Next take a pin tool or exacto blade and gently pull away the excess putty. Be careful not to push toward the rivet- pull the excess putty away.

Presto! The perfect rivet making tool!

I used the same technique for the studs on his gauntlets. You can find these tool very easily, what you want to look for is adhesive tipped syringes if you Google them. I would highly recommend picking up a set because the have a multitude of uses and will improve your modeling projects immensely.


skletapocket said...

Great tip! I can definitely see how this technique could be expanded to do more complicated things!

James Van Schaik said...

Yeah I use them basically for any small details that is circular, gemstones, eyelets for boots, jewelry etc.

Anonymous said...

An excellent tip. Here's a great online site where you can buy similar blunt tipped needles cheap.

With the variety pack you get two of each of the 15 different gauge sizes, for $19.95!