Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fire For Effect Store has Launched

It has been a very busy month with the holidays, the kickstarter and setting everything up for the company. It has been crazy how much needs to be done still but I am hard at work with sculpting and filming the courses.  And I have a bunch of posts planned for this month that includes some much anticipated WIP shots of the Hulk!

But today, I wanted to announce that the Fire For Effect Studios store is now live.  We are offering all of the courses for a reduced cost, for a limited time.  For those of you who missed out on the kickstarter, this is your chance to get in at a reduced price.  Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing a line of sculpting tools on the store as well so make sure you keep an eye out to see what will be available.

So check out the store at store.f4estudios.com and thanks for all your support as we launch the studio.



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