Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Rafm

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the long delay between blogs, normally it is hard for me to find time to blog but the summer is especially busy for a sculptor. All the major trade shows means every client you have wants all their figures before the convention season.

I just thought I'd post photos of this Cultist Leader I did for Rafm. I thought it would be good to post photos of the greens and the metal version. I always like to see a figure in metal because it really looks quite different from a green. You lose most of the scratches and dents, and seeing a miniature without the colour variation that a green has gives it a whole new look.

You'll notice some slight differences between the metal and green. I tweaked her face slightly, fixing it up and filling it out. The spell effect is available as a limited edition so you can get the figure with or without the skull.

Here is a link to the Rafm site to find out more.

I will soon have my first behind the scenes game manufacturer interview I did with the owner of Pulp City up so stay tuned for that.

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