Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Pulp City Figure

Here is the latest press release of the first figure I did for Pulp City. I posted the painted version and the brown. I really love the paint job they did for her. Here you can see three generations of a character. The first is the concept art I got from Pulp Monsters, the photos of the brown I sent them for approval, and then the final painted version they are using to market the figure. To learn more about Pulp City Hero's visit their site here.

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Przemas said...

Happy to see that you can finally start showing sculpts you did for Pulp City. As I did pre-production resin casts of those I can only say that those are one of the best sculpts I`ve worked with. Awesome job James! The best ones are still waiting to be released..... but they`re definitely worth the wait!