Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vimy Ridge-Part Two

Here are the photos of my sons Vimy Ridge model project. We stuck to simple painting techniques, nothing too fancy because I wanted him to be able to do it himself. The board had a base coat of mud brown, one dry brush of graveyard earth highlight, and two washes to bring out the detail in the ground. After it was all dry he added flock and stones with white glue and water mixture.

The same went for the miniatures themselves, they just had a base coat of the overall colour of the uniform, then he painted the faces and hands flesh, the rifles and boots dark brown, and a wash of citadel flesh wash to add some depth to the figures.

He made the barbwire by wrapping wire around a wooden spool and then wrapping it around matchsticks for the posts. The roof of the bunkers were made from corrugated cardboard.


Will said...

Hi, I just found this site. It's full of great tips about sculpting. Also, your kid's amazing to be painting at 3 years old!

Do you do commissions?

James Van Schaik said...

Thanks Will, glad you like it. The three year old did help but the 6 year old did most of the painting. If you email me at I can answer all your questions.